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October Donor Impact Report

Food for Thought Encouragement This is a good word that can take many forms: reassurance, cheer, support, praise…In today’s environment we need to encourage people all we can. One great example of this is The New Love Center Café, where 30-60 people receive a home-cooked meal along with socialization. The staff there is in tune […]

September Donor Impact Report

Food for Thought September is Hunger Action Month! What does that mean for the folks who we serve every day? Our responsibility is to share with all we interact with the need for food in our area. We serve a portion of Lycoming and Clinton counties. Children’s food insecurity is very prevalent in those counties. […]

August Donor Impact Report

Food for Thought As we look to the end of August (where did the summer go!) and the beginning of another school year we are reminded more and more of the need for nutritious food. During the past several months TNLC has seen the increased need for food with families young and old having to […]

July Donor Impact Report

Food for Thought Did You Know that July Has a Reputation? The month of July is known for hot days, and we’ve certainly been experiencing this recently! July also got the reputation and nickname “The Staggering Month” and some even knick-named it “The Hungry Month.” July’s reputation for being a tough month came out of […]

June Donor Impact Report

Food for Thought Did you know that World Hunger Day is this month? Though June is often a time of transition from spring to summer, digging out that summer swimsuit, and planning vacations, it’s also a month where many of our neighbors may be more food insecure than the month before. In June, school is […]

May Donor Impact Report

Food for Thought If we met Jesus, what evidence would we show him that we were truly followers of him? Would we show him our church attendance, the ways we avoided doing bad stuff, or our life’s greatest accomplishments? Those might not be bad items to list if they flowed from a life focused on […]

April Donor Impact Report

Food for Thought Several times in the Gospels Jesus is described as “having compassion on them” when he sees the multitudes or crowds. “When Jesus landed and saw a large crowd, he had compassion on them and healed their sick.” (Matt 14:14) This verse comes right before Jesus feeds the 5,000. What strikes me about […]

March Donor Impact Report

Food for Thought It is a joy for me to take a bird’s eye view and observe the different skills and abilities that people have and utilize with The New Love Center. It reminds me of what the Apostle Peter encouraged us to do. “Each of you should use whatever gift you have received to […]

February Donor Impact Report

Food for Thought It can be easy to make assumptions and judgments of others’ situations. Working at The New Love Center has given me more opportunities to question assumptions being made about others. Recently, I had the opportunity to serve someone who was in need of emergency food. As I was loading food into their […]

January Donor Impact Report

Welcome! Brett NewellOperations Manager We are excited to welcome aboard Brett Newell as our new Operations Manager. Each month Brett will offer “Food For Thought”, outlining the impact our programs have, sharing events, thanking our partners, and shining a spotlight on our fantastic volunteers! Food for Thought When getting to understand the scope and reach […]