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January Donor Impact Report

January Donor Impact Report
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Brett Newell - Operations Manager
Brett Newell
Operations Manager

We are excited to welcome aboard Brett Newell as our new Operations Manager. Each month Brett will offer “Food For Thought”, outlining the impact our programs have, sharing events, thanking our partners, and shining a spotlight on our fantastic volunteers!

Food for Thought

When getting to understand the scope and reach of The New Love Center I was initially confused as to how we were impacting hundreds of households in the community each month with only a handful of employees. That’s when I learned that the backbone of The New Love Center is it’s volunteer teams. We only get to impact these households because we have hundreds of volunteers who offer their time, talent, and treasure. However, the heart of our ministry is only empowered by the chief cornerstone himself, Jesus Christ. Which is why I am truly blessed to work alongside a team of leaders who put Jesus Christ first above all else and in turn we get to provide the love of Christ in our community.

What I am looking forward to most in the future of The New Love Center is “Pantry Choice” for our clients. Instead of clients being handed a box of food with items that they may or may not need/want, they now will have the opportunity to walk through our pantry and pick the foods that they need. I am excited about this intiative as I believe it will empower our clients, and give them more independence and dignity when choosing their food.

We started Pantry Choice for the first time at the Annex (263 Henry St, Jersey Shore) on January 6th and we will continue to offer it at the Annex for future distributions. Our team and myself are looking forward to seeing how our clients’ respond to Pantry Choice and how we can grow this program.

Brett Newell
Operations Manager

Thank You!

We want to sincerely thank all who offer their time and resources that make such an impact in the communities that TNLC serves! Our faithful volunteers, the many students who helped out during distribution, and the end of year gifts that you gave all fed the mission of The New Love Center, where the love of Christ provides for all.

We want to give a special thanks to our partners, and specifically offer our gratitude this month to the partnerships we share with FBLA, Terrapin, C&N Bank!

Making a Difference

December Program Impact

To learn more about each of our programs, including days and hours, click HERE.

701 Meals
411.7 lbs of Food
47 Volunteers Donated 181.5 Hours

Food Pantry
961 Clients
124 New Clients
178 Volunteers Donated 689 Hours

Fresh Food Farmacy
232 Clients
97 Households
8 Distribution Days

Military Shares
160 Households Impacted

Elder Share
89 Boxes Distributed

Backpack Program
420 Students Participating

Please come in and see what we do, with a first hand look at how you can make a difference, and get your questions answered.

To set up a time to visit, call the office at 570-244-8838 or click HERE.

Volunteer Spotlight
Ann Green

Volunteers are the heart of our ministry and we would not be able to have the impact without them!

This month we want to thank and highlight all that our Fresh Food Farmacy Coordinator, Ann Green, has done as a member of The New Love Center team. She has been a volunteer for many, many years, but we are excited to have her join the TNLC staff. Ann has taken lead on our new Fresh Food Farmacy program and her impact has already been felt! This program is a partnership between TNLC and Geisinger where qualified people who have diabetes, have the opportunity to pick out healthy food items. Ann started leading this program three months ago with 30 clients. Partnering with Geisinger, she has brought the program up to 50 clients with the goal to soon bring it up to 60. She has also trained and developed a volunteer team to manage the increase in client numbers. When asked what she loves most about working in Fresh Food Farmacy, her reply was:

“I like the people and helping them. When you are here you definitely get to help people. Just listening to the success stories of the program will make your day. That’s what I love about doing Fresh Food Farmacy.”

Our Work Together

We are grateful to the many hands that helped to bless our community in 2021, especially during the Christmas season. On December 17th, Denise Remillard and Madra Clay of the Department of Community and Economic Development, toured The New Love Center. They were able to witness the many volunteers helping out, the number of members in the community being impacted, and see first hand the great work of TNLC!


“We love because He first loved us.”
1 John 4:19

The new year brings new hope and new resolutions. How are your resolutions going? Sometimes we resolve to eat less dessert or exercise more times per week. Our resolutions often center around us wanting to look better or feel better, and that’s all well and good, but what if our resolutions center around how we as a community can be better.

What if we can resolve to love more? Imagine what our community might look like if we take this resolution to love more to heart?

We read in the first letter from John, that we love because God first loved us. This love that is God forgives us, fills us, and guides us. And when we share this love, we don’t run out…this love continues to open us up, continues to drive us, and continues to inspire us!

Blessings on this new year. May God bless you, and may we in turn be a blessing to the world God so loves.

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