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July Donor Impact Report

July Donor Impact Report
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Food for Thought

Did You Know that July Has a Reputation?

The month of July is known for hot days, and we’ve certainly been experiencing this recently! July also got the reputation and nickname “The Staggering Month” and some even knick-named it “The Hungry Month.” July’s reputation for being a tough month came out of the Irish Famine during the 19th century as the food collected during the harvest season had grown thin and pantry shelves had become empty.

For so many of our neighbors today, the support they received during harvest or Christmas was a long time ago and school-year food programs are still many weeks away. July may certainly feel like a “staggering month” with heightened energy costs, trying to stay safe in the heat, and having empty shelves where food should be.

This is why The New Love Center is called to serve and live out our mission “where the love of Christ provides for all.” Join us in serving our neighbors, so that no one is left to face a staggering or hungry month alone.

There are ways that you can be help shelves remain full and bring smiles to our neighbors.

Staples like grape jelly, pudding cups or dish detergent are always needed or give a monetary donation by giving online.

Lend a Hand:
TNLC wouldn’t be able to help the community without you and all our volunteers who bless us with the gift of their time and their compassion. Do you have an hour or two to lend a hand? Call the office (570-244-8838) today!

Gift of Prayer:
Can you keep TNLC and our neighbors in prayer this summer?


Alice Fox Cline
Board President

Making a Difference

June Program Impact

To learn more about each of our programs, including days and hours, click HERE.

897 Meals
Weis Donated 907.62 lbs of Food
Individuals Donated 169.45 lbs of Food
54 Volunteers Donated 218 Hours

Food Pantry
910 Clients
93 New Clients
203 Volunteers Donated 635 Hours
2,723 lbs of Food Donated

Fresh Food Farmacy
212 Individuals Served
95 Households

Military Shares
136 Households Impacted

Elder Share
73 Boxes Distributed

Backpack Program
148 Students (Elementary and Middle Schools)

120 Summer Rec Bags

20 People Picked Up

Please come in and see what we do, with a first hand look at how you can make a difference, and get your questions answered.

To set up a time to visit, call the office at 570-244-8838 or click HERE.

Donations Needed

Currently: Dish detergent (NO PODS) for the Café
August: Grape Jelly for the Food Pantry
September: Pudding cups for back packs


Looking ahead to August TNLC distributions, we want to highlight the recent work on the TNLC Annex parking lot. Thank you for your support and prayers as we are so excited to be able to provide better accessibility to our clients and volunteers!



In Psalm 106 the writer is honest about Israel’s unfaithfulness during and after slavery in Egypt.

Then he wrote:
44 Nevertheless He looked at their distress when He heard their cry;
45 And He remembered His covenant for their sake, and relented according to the greatness of His mercy. 46 He also made them objects of compassion In the presence of all their captors.

Some people believe ministry to the poor is just a matter of compassion, no matter what. God’s purpose is to provide just compassion (compassion and justice) – compassion, yes; but also addressing the unrighteousness causing the poverty!

Is there a way we should be implementing God’s comprehensive plan for life?

…that God will make our clients “an object of mercy” – beyond what we can do; ….about (and against) the cultural and political policies causing unprecedented need in America……..(and the world).

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